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Call For Papers: “Muslims, Motherlands, & Minoritization”

The Islamicate Graduate Student Association invites graduate student papers for our 16th Annual Duke-UNC Conference, the longest running graduate student Middle East & Islamic Studies conference in the country. This year’s conference “Muslims, Motherlands, and Minoritization,” will be held in Chapel Hill, NC on March 2, 2019. This conference aims to explore how categorization by governing bodies create and influence ethno-religious identities as a component of subjecthood. Following presentations and faculty responses, participants will have the opportunity to workshop their papers.

Questions we hope to explore include: How do the state and other actors influence religious and/or racial minority identity? What roles do power, gender, race, and sexuality play in these identity formations? How have standards of normativity been constructed and projected onto Muslim bodies?

We are seeking submissions from fields inclusive of, but not limited to: Religious Studies, Political Science, Sociology, History, Art History, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Asian Studies, Critical Race Studies, Geography, Women and Gender Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, American Studies, and African Studies.

SUBMISSIONS: Submit a short bio, 150-250 word abstract, and 10-20 page paper to by January 15th.