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This conference has received the generous support of the following organizations:

  • Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies
  • Carolina Asia Center
  • Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense, UNC
  • Department of History, UNC
  • Department of Religious Studies, UNC
  • Department of Romance Studies, UNC
  • Department of Sociology, UNC
  • Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, UNC
  • Duke Department of Religious Studies
  • Duke Islamic Studies Center
  • Southeast Asian Approaches Working Group, UNC

This conference has been organized by the following graduate students at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University:

  • Rachel Cochran (Department of History, UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Hina Muneeruddin (Department of Religious Studies, UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Yasmine Flodin-Ali (Department of Religious Studies, UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Arianne Ekinci (Department of History, UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Arpan Bhandari (Department of Religious Studies, Duke University)
  • with additional support from Maggie Mckenzie (UNC Chapel Hill class of 2019)